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Is Music an Evolutionary Adaption?

Music is one of humanity’s defining creations. Spanning several millennia and transcending cultural divides, it has an enduring capacity to touch and change our lives. Music is frequently described as a universal language, that despite culturally differential musical traditions, techniques, scales and types of instruments, it engages our brains in broadly the same way across…

Jewellery Pendant Monoglyph

Epoxy Resin Tips and Tricks

Epoxy resin is a tricky medium that has caught the imaginations of thousands of artists worldwide. Like many artists who want to get involved in creating some epoxy art, I trawled through endless resources before getting started. It’s fairly expensive after all and wastage is best avoided at all costs! I’m just going to sum…

Depths of Epsilon

Ashes to Ashes, Stardust to Stardust

Some years ago, I heard Eyedea’s song Here For You, released in 2002. Like in much of his music, beautiful imagery fuses with a poignant and poetic commentary on existence, humanity and the natural world. Go check him out! Here for You by Eyedea charts the course of a river – and our lives –…


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Epoxy Resin Blog

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