Sam Jeans

Hello all!

I’m Sam, an abstract artist, drummer and writer hailing from the humble leafy suburban town of High Wycombe. Wedged between the London sprawl and the relative countryside, I’ve grown to love both the bright lights of the city and the dulcet tones of the winds in the willows, the trees and the tower blocks.

Most of my current work is inspired by interstellar objects, imagined alien landscapes and the vast depths of the cosmos unknown. Naturally, the cosmic arena provides an infinite source of potential and part of the challenge is realising this in art using earthly materials and techniques.

Instead of working solely with digital programs, I’ve always involved real materials. In fact, there is no rendering involved in any of my work. Everything starts life as photographs of compositions of real-world materials such as wax, stones, and other random objects.

I imagine alien worlds to be beautiful, and indeed, I hope aliens to imagine Earth to be beautiful also. If I can capture but a mere micron of the essence of the unknown then I am content with my creative contribution.

Lately, I have been using resin to create jewellery, clocks and other functional art. We like pictures, but we also like to use things that do something.


Sam Jeans

By day, I work as a content writer. I’ve worked in copywriting teams that have produced text for major brands worldwide. I’m currently producing a vast volume of resources for children on all major geographical and scientific topics.

My academic background is in International Development and Social Anthropology (MSc). Key areas of study are social demographics, ageing populations, fertility trends and anthropological epistemology.

Here, I’ll be publishing some of my own writing on various topics relating to art, science, music, philosophy and anthropology.